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Left Believes Barack Obama Allowed A Known Russian Agent To Be Elected President

Left says Obama had intelligence linking Trump and/or associates with the Russians. Left doesn’t say why Obama didn’t inform the voters of the evidence he possessed. Left doesn’t say why he ignored FBI request to move forward on investigation – last summer.

He could’ve stopped what Left says is greatest calamity to befall all of humanity.  Left says the election is a Guarantee Of Our Destruction As A Species.  He could have stopped it all, Left says*. But he let it go.  Someone should ask him why.

*(No not now, but eventually they will.)


She Gots Sole

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX).  You probably never knew she had a musical side. Her only album (below) is considered by leading Musicologists to be a seminal vesicle at the forefront of the Proto-Ebonics period. Highly valued by collectors of the genre, a copy in relatively good condition may fetch upwards of $15-$20, in a competitive auction.

Unfortunately, it is extremely rare and hard to find as most of the CDs ended up in South America, via a vigorous flea market network originating in Houston. The original tapes are lost.

This one was found in the back of a dead crackhead’s station wagon. You probably don’t want to touch it.


Scientific Predictions Are Often Wrong

I’m only stating the obvious, I know. Point is, scientists can be stupid fucks like anyone else. They’re not always super-genius unassailable experts. Mira aqui:

stupid science

Senator Al Franken To Keynote 2017 International SBD Collectors Convention

Little did we know Senator Al Franken has been a medal-winning, Pro level fart sniffer for years now. He’s considered a lock for a future hall of fame spot and he’s still knocking them dead on the Seniors Tour. He also teaches Basic Snifting classes at the local Community College and will soon release his first gaseous gospel album – “How Great Thou F*rt”.  Add in his brilliant former career achievements in comedy and film…he is nothing short of amazing. Because he is also lab certified as 57.6% mentally retarded.

What have you done with your life?


Worthless Weasels


Dem Leaders Point And Laugh At Attempts To Repair Their Broken Health Care Program

Who are they trying to help?


Maybe We Need A Better Driver

Sucks to watch the President have to suffer the gloating of the leftards over his so-called “loss”. But if Ryancare failed to win anyone in the Freedom Caucus over, it would likely fail for me also.  I have faith in their standards, even though I don’t know all the details.

So let’s start over and do it better next time.

Better Plan. Better Leader. Papa Don’s.


Paul Ryan – Lumberjack Fail

Gorsuch Faces Intense Questioning From Dem Senators


It’s Coming Out Of The Woods

We thought It was beaten, humiliated and ashamed. We thought we were safe from Its evil Toxic Taint forever. But no…It has vowed to return from Its woody hermitage to once again plot another diseased, slimy, pathogenic path to power. It Lives!

out of the woods


Recent Symposium Confirms: Media Bias Is Real


I Have A Cold

Sorry I’ve been scarce.



Trimming Down The Government – We Will Hear The Same Old Crying From The Same Old Squealers

People will starve!  People will get sick!  People will die!