1. Cuohomo and Dirty Sanchez Vanderbilt want to be first in line at the Comet Pizza girls locker room.

  2. Hey, Earl… I need your opinion. If Coop and Don Lemon were to bump uglies — and I’m sure they have — who is top and who is bottom? I’m thinking Coop is the dominant, um, “guy”, based on his overall status at CNN, but Lem’s got the groinal size factor in his favor, so I really don’t know. Not terribly important, but I’m interested in things like this, just for the social science of it. Really. I swear. I was an anthorpology major in college, you know.

    1. So that’s what Anthorpologists do. I always wondered. Anyway I can only guess but because it’s both bi-racial and proggietarded I’m pretty sure the white guy has to catch. Has to offer, at least.

      1. I minored in chesimtry, too.

        Thanks for your input, Earl. Always nice to have the opinion of an Oracle of The Internets.

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