1. O Muh Gawd, this is perfect!!! You need to tweet this to Trump!! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅

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    1. I do believe he is a regular reader.
      But I agree completely. It would save a ton on bus trips. Right now the drone can lift up to 120 lbs and carry it for 30 minutes. A lot of these folks aren’t all that large. Beef up carrying capacity a bit and we could snag ’em 15-20 miles inside and drop ’em back over same trip.

      1. Note: In case of fugitives who are beyond the “Starch Bomb” stage of growth, there is a software solution that easily allows group capture and fly-away payload of up to 600 pounds, using multiple synched aircraft and a balloon.

  2. This is a great idea. Further, I imagine there would be thousands of volunteers that would gladly man the drones free of charge. Sign me up!

    1. Indeed. I would stand a watch, myself. If fully indemnified from prosecution for some bullshit civil rights thing or another. That would be sweet. Dictatorially perfect. I’d Toss like a Boss.

    1. Can track thermal signatures like a hound. Hit and miss on nationalities, though – we would take out a few lawnmowers and motorcycles. Probably unduly risk our PR.

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