Dems Select New Leader

They went with the Clinton guy, eschewing Bernie’s favorite – the Jew-hating, former Nation of Islam Representative to Congress, Sheikh Keith Ellison. As we all know, Little Debbie Labradoodle fully screwed the pooch last year and got Wikileaked completely naked in front of everybody, most of whom survived it. Wiki also dropped a dime on Donna Brazille to the point she was persecuted into hiding because she didn’t outright cheat for Hillary, you just go ask her.

So they had to get someone fresh.  And it was fun for everyone to watch the democratic process in action. (As though it matters.)


So anyway they called up Thomas Perez. Former Obama Secretary of Labor, Assistant Attorney General and head of the Civil Rights division. The guy who said the Philadelphia New Black Panther thugs did nothing wrong. An Alpha Grade Big Government Leftist, in all regards. Probably a nice enough person, though. Nothing whatsoever to do with his retardation, God bless him.



  1. Crap. I am really disappointed: Keith “Allahu Akbar” Ellison as Party leader would have shown even the famed moderates who the modern-day Democrats really are. Now we are stuck with just another run-of-the-mill, mealy-mouthed progressive white boy. Oh, well….

    1. What’s funny is that we’d describe a full bore collectivist like Perez as run of the mill. But in comparison to Ellison, it’s a worthy label. Now Ellison is the #2. The dems are so far gone, it’s pathetic.

  2. Ellison is still vice-chair but he will now have to wear a sombrero in all public appearances in solidarity with el presidente Perez, who will wear a burqa with a yarmulke on top. Bernie is cool with it because he just picked up another nice piece of lakefront property.

  3. Having Boingo’s Boy won’t help them a bit. It just means his hand is still up the RATs asses , and they are too retarded to get it. Enjoy the death spiral. Plus, some pic there; he looks like the NAZI in Raiders about to get all the moisture sucked out of him before dying, by the Ark….

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