The Media Wars

That’s right. The same Media that openly mocks President Trump (and via him, his supporters) have contracted the righteous vapors over his characterization of them as The Enemy Of The People. The craven, hypocritical, hyper-partisan Liberal News Bitches are appalled. So Freaking What?

The People. The Regular People. The Normal People stand with President Trump over any Media operative or pundit today. And I could not be prouder to be an American.




  1. Whoa… Jabba the Moore is looking a bit anorexic! Did that “All-You-Can-Eat” bakery shut down?

  2. President Trump (It sure is good to have “my President” again after 8 years without one) is just saying what millions of We the Peons have been thinking for the last 50 or 60 years. After so long in The Bubble and having contact only with others of teir own ilk they are blind to how much the Dirt People in Flyover Country despise them. I for one would thoroughly enjoy seeing them eaten alive by pigs, and would happily pay extra for a cut from the one that ate Michael Moore.

  3. We are now, just beginning. We the People need to support our President by “pruning” out the Liars and self-servers in Congress. We could start with the Attorneys since they really, by definition, should not hold an office in any place but the Judiciary. That would be since they are “Officers of the Court”. The puny argument that they Do Not Practice when in Public office is a “JOKE”! We must support the “Donald” and get these parasites out of the Federal Government.

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