1. SafeSpace,
      Vradimil Putin herp me hack Papabeal’s account.
      It hiralious when peopre who don’t speak Kolean tly to imitate Kolean! You come to Pyongyinyang and ret me schoor you, loundeye. I teal you new asshore! Tlick is to frip applopliate consonants, not watch kimchee videos on youtube! Do it light, and you be funny as Herr! Ask Ealr… he make me Raugh Out Roud!
      Pirrsbuly Dough Dictatol

        1. Ealr, you typicar razy loundeye. I had scoles of Koleans wolking fol me and assule you they tlanspose “LL’s” and “ERR’s” on legural basis. I wirr show you’le brog to whore nation and ploove I supeliol to clazy EoT modelatol! You come to Nolth Kolea and spend time in rabol camp spleading ox clap in lice paddies… I make berievel out of you!

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