I Wouldn’t Let The Weasels Into My Office Either

Put ’em out in the yard. They’re animals, most of them…with apologies to the animals. They have only one intention when it comes to covering Trump and that is to ruin him. Because they’re worms. (and I don’t have to apologize to invertebrates) Fuck ’em. Go back to work, Buttlickers for Obama.


New White House Press Briefing Room


  1. What’s “up”? Well, we’re treating the progtard root weevils in precisely the way they’ve been treating us “Deplorables.” Like it, you pinko bastards?

    1. The Thomas portrait is there to rid the room of CNN and other Obama fake news roaches.

  2. Throwing these scumbags over the fence is likely the low-end of what they deserve. They are nothing but RAT operatives with bylines, so treat as such

  3. Back in the Proterozoic era when I went to college (that’s right Earl, I went to college) ‘Journalism’ was the ‘last refuge’ major for the pre-law zeros. What we’re seeing is that lofty standard upheld by the class of 2016. What was really, really special about #goldenshpwergate was that Mr Super Integrity Carl Bernstein got caught putting pubes in the fondue pot like the rest. Looks like they have found a bottom, and Trump intends to keep them there.
    3 days and Baby Doc Obongo gongo, not that anybody’s counting.

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