DMF Bursts Into Top 50 – Internet Explodes

One of our internet Besties has been named a member of the FAB 50 Conservative Blogs of 2016  and we couldn’t be prouder to see her added to such a premier list of sites.

The reaction across the Internet fell mostly along partisan lines, even drawing the standard dismissal from our outgoing President (which everyone knows is a bonus):


The reaction from Keith Olbermann was exemplary of many on the Left:


New conspiracies to harm all of mankind have been detected…and old ones reinforced. No, it’s really true. This actually happened.


And then…The Holy Cow of Holies. Top of the page on Drudge. Instant fame and stardom.

Our Heartiest Congratulations, Jan. You’re in The Show – Bravo!

(Really sorry about the dog wiener story – we tried to get Drudge to rotate it down so we could get a better screen cap, but they acted like they never even saw our emails – that we clearly flagged as urgent and we can prove this – and then we didn’t want to photoshop over it because people would say the screen grab was fake and spoil all your well-deserved honors. So we left it as-is, to prove its honesty. Hope that’s OK.)



  1. Thank You So Much Earl. That is the funnies thing I’ve read in a long time…and it’s about ME!!
    What a Tribute! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. You did so much to encourage me early on – and you’ve been a great friend and compatriot ever since. It’s the least I could do and totally my pleasure.

    1. Having friends like you is enough for me. Thanks Darlin’. Best of luck to your Bama boys – I’m hoping for a great game regardless of outcome. Happy New Year!

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