The Christmas Bird

Well it’s another blessed Christmas at the Taint’s. All the kids and grandkids are here. Except our oldest son and his family. He works for an oil company down in South America and rarely gets back. He always send mom and me a present though. This year he sent us a beautiful, live bird.

It was a good sized bird, about 12″ tall with bright green, blue and yellow feathers and a hooked beak.

I’ll tell you something. That bird was delicious.

We had him for Christmas dinner. Mom fixed it up with her stuffing, cranberry sauce and sweet potato casserole.

My son called us after Christmas, wanting to know if we got the bird. I said we got him. He wanted to know how we liked it and I said that was probably the best bird we ever ate.

He said “Dad, you don’t mean to tell me you ate that bird!”

I said of course we did. We my son got all upset and pitched a fit.

“Dad I paid a small fortune for that bird. That bird was worth thousands of dollars – it could speak four languages!”

“That bird could talk?” I asked.

“Four languages, Dad.”

“Well…he shoulda said something.”



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