Public Service Announcement

You Hippies knew this was coming. But it’s OK, we won’t hurt you. We feel many of you are redeemable and we promise the deaths of the others will be peaceful and painless. So come on in voluntarily and we’ll reward you with free weed, for life.

Note that not all Hillary supporters are currently targeted. Some are still useful and the rest are all very entertaining. They’ll all hear from the IRS soon, otherwise we’ll leave them alone, for now.

Other targeted groups listed below are due to report soon. Watch for future announcements on the dates you need to report.

Thank you for your cooperation and Happy New Year!

-Local Citizens Committee, Make America Great Again/Undesirables.Cleansing 1A


Next Up….Jobs Plan.



  1. Expect these to be shared widely by the slate/huffpo/vox/kos crowd…
    …the sarcasm is NOT readily apparrent (i.e. they actually DO believe this).
    (some title like “How Much Leftists Fear Trump” might have helped)

      1. You really ARE thick, aren’t you?!?

        These 2 graphics only “aggravate” their dangerous nonsense – it’s stuff which the Left already believes and which already motivates their hate and violence – these graphics only FEED the INCENTIVE for Leftists TO ACTUALLY DO HARM TO TRUMP “in the name of ‘saving’ America.”

        1. Lady, you really ought to calm down. You sound hysterical. It’s just a satirical graphic. Do you get satire, or not? Satire is supposed to be obviously absurd while being somewhat close to accepted ideas or beliefs. Look at the graphic. Closely. Should we now banish humor and satire that could conceivably cause idiot hysterical lefties to get riled up?

          Calm down.

        2. Amy. The Left is already dialed to 11. A glass of ice water motivates their hate and violence. We’d enjoy seeing them use our fake news as ammo.

          JW is NOT thick, he’s fearless.

          Now be of good cheer, it’s Christmas!

          1. The praise is humbling Earl but fearless, not, just a patriot like yourself and just about everybody I’ve ever seen post on this thread.

    1. I get your point but I don’t care what they say or do. I’m not working to mend fences – I just point and laugh. The fact that they DO believe this…that’s the joke. Thanks

  2. Nicely done, Earl. Exactly the way good satire should be done. Sad and truly tragic that these ridiculous pussies on the left actually believe this stuff. We heard the same bullshit when Reagan was elected in 1980. Thankfully, there was no internet and “social media” to spread the left’s psychotic delusions, and the news media were much less dishonest back then.

    Obama is to blame for radicalizing the lefties to the point where they are now: violent, insane, and intolerant commie revolutionaries. This ain’t the party of Hubert Humphrey, JFK, or LBJ any longer. They’re all completely out of control. Scary.

    1. Thanks Mac. They have gone collectively insane. They lost everything because of it – and yet will double down even lower, going ‘forward’. I’m happy to help move that along, anyway I can.

  3. Brilliant comrade Earl, and so appropriate as those who have taken the wrong path enter their third cycle of the 5 stages of grief. I know that you are not at liberty to disclose everything without consulting Putin-Trump but will these “relocation camps” be located in conquered Raqqa and Mosul? A distant island in the Aleutian island could work too. Rehabilitation can be facilitated by the 4-H Club where these citizens can be shown how to breed their nutria seed stock and gain experience in beet cultivation. Forward!

    1. Thank you comrade JW. Your fawning praise and advice will be well noted in your dossier. Expect an extra large ration of actual meat at your house for Christmas this year.
      To answer your question on the camp locations, I am happy to inform you that they will be regionally placed throughout the country for all legal citizen detainees. This will provide great savings in transportation and corpse disposal costs. We’ll factor those savings into increased oven capacities to kick productivity into higher gear, dropping our cost per unit by 35% or better. We’ll make millions. MORGEN – DIE WELT!

  4. I agree with Amy. The left has zero sense of humor and no concept of irony nor satire. Some media-watching troll in pajamas in mommie’s basement will stumble upon these images, and PRESTO: Earl Of Taint tops the Media Research Center’s hit list, and is earmarked as a “conservative defector turning on Trump.” Better to stay out of these waters IMHO, at least until January 21, 2017.

    1. Couldn’t disagree more. You’re basically arguing in favor of censorship for the good of the people.

      Sounds familiar.

      1. I agree with Mac and JW. The fix for free speech that you don’t agree with is more free speech. Lefties, progs, commies and most democrats just want to shut you up.

        Apparently that is the side that Amy and SafeSpace are on.

        1. It’s been a long 8 years. We’ve all borne many wounds. Healing will come slower for some. I think both meant well. Amy was an ornery ass about it, but y’all can deal with that.

          Ain’t nothin’ changin’ round hyar.

    2. They will hate you/Earl/me no matter what and its surprising that you and Amy don’t see that. Stop by one of their sites and watch the show for a few days. There is no bridging the gap anymore, no common ground on which to base compromise. Understand your enemies.

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