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< One Month To Go

Watch out. He’s still crapping on us.




Big Hope But Little Change? Help Is On The Way.

NOMOBRO is currently delivered by injection only. Oral dosage coming soon.


2017 Wish List – What’s Yours?

I’ve got lots of wishes for the new year. So many I don’t know where to start.

I know I’d like to get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US. There is zero justification for hosting and funding this radical leftist bureaucracy that is accountable to no one and corrupt to its core. To Hell with the UN. GTFO, Bitches. Tomorrow.

How about you folks? Any wishes you’d like to share?


Iran Says Will Only Pay Half Price For New Boeing Planes. Boeing Says ‘No Problem’

Barry The Christmas Weasel

What a worm. A low down, candy-assed chickenshit betrayal of one of our strongest allies – and he waits to do it while vacationing in Hawaii. In his last month in office, with no upcoming election to worry about and no price to pay.


This is the real Obama. One month to go.




The Christmas Bird

Well it’s another blessed Christmas at the Taint’s. All the kids and grandkids are here. Except our oldest son and his family. He works for an oil company down in South America and rarely gets back. He always send mom and me a present though. This year he sent us a beautiful, live bird.

It was a good sized bird, about 12″ tall with bright green, blue and yellow feathers and a hooked beak.

I’ll tell you something. That bird was delicious.

We had him for Christmas dinner. Mom fixed it up with her stuffing, cranberry sauce and sweet potato casserole.

My son called us after Christmas, wanting to know if we got the bird. I said we got him. He wanted to know how we liked it and I said that was probably the best bird we ever ate.

He said “Dad, you don’t mean to tell me you ate that bird!”

I said of course we did. We my son got all upset and pitched a fit.

“Dad I paid a small fortune for that bird. That bird was worth thousands of dollars – it could speak four languages!”

“That bird could talk?” I asked.

“Four languages, Dad.”

“Well…he shoulda said something.”


Originally There Were Four Wise Men


No Christmas Miracle For Hillary

The Clinton campaign’s last ditch effort to flip the election was rejected without comment by the Northern Polar Authority today, putting an end to her life-long dream of bossing everyone around.


When You Love Everything Hello Kitty But You’re Too Depressed For The Cute And Happy

Say Goodbye Pussy.

She lost. You lost. Now get lost.

And Merry Christmas!


The Reason Trump’s Cordial Relationship With Putin Is A Bad Thing?

Someone tell me.


Public Service Announcement

You Hippies knew this was coming. But it’s OK, we won’t hurt you. We feel many of you are redeemable and we promise the deaths of the others will be peaceful and painless. So come on in voluntarily and we’ll reward you with free weed, for life.

Note that not all Hillary supporters are currently targeted. Some are still useful and the rest are all very entertaining. They’ll all hear from the IRS soon, otherwise we’ll leave them alone, for now.

Other targeted groups listed below are due to report soon. Watch for future announcements on the dates you need to report.

Thank you for your cooperation and Happy New Year!

-Local Citizens Committee, Make America Great Again/Undesirables.Cleansing 1A


Next Up….Jobs Plan.