1. “Look Mabel, it’s Cuntahontas, I mean Liarawatha, I mean Sitting Bullshit, I mean Screeching Squaw, I mean Sackamoneywea, ah CRAP… it’s the FAT broad with the “hay bale hairdoo”! Looks like the last time she “checked gravity” with her face, she got “Marty Feldman Eyes”!

  2. This is petty maybe but I had the misfortune to see a few minutes of tonight’s adress to the concert she visited that they called a rally. She, and the other Democrats I’ve seen use affected hand gestures and body language like I used to see every, god, damned, senior manager use when I worked in Silicon Valley. They get coached with the air jabbing, heaed swiveling and voice modulation to the degree that the message is far less relevant than the robotic walk thru. Of Trump and others like Giuliani, Carson, Sessions et all have their devices as well but its not this Tony Robbins insurance seminar bullshit.

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