1. broomstick must be titanium. there has to be a huma-ngous counter weight somewhere otherwise she’d fall off and start a series of earthquakes followed by tsunamis.

    1. SS, that exhaust is not coming from an internal combustion engine in the broom, it’s “outgassing” from shrillary’s poop-chute… even MORE scary than gloBULL warming! The one thing that amazes me is that shrillary doesn’t need a PUSH-broom to provide the necessary power to get her enormous ass airborne. BTW, it’s not “black” smoke… it’s african-american smoke! You obviously haven’t paid your “politically correct spell-check” payment this month… tsk, tsk, tsk!

      1. it’s “outgassing” from shrillary’s poop-chute

        So, she thinks she can win the election by using chemical weapons on her opponent?

        1. Any port in a storm for liberals, PJ, all they care about is winning, not abiding by rules written for everyone else.

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