1. This country gives these athletes who live in luxury, everything, millions. How much of those millions has Kaepernick given to poor people, those he thinks are oppressed? In his wonderful USA, which he insults, blacks have had a President, all people have access to health care that is affordable. Look at other nations! people with illnesses cannot even consider going to the hospital for fear of paying the enormous bills. they then get put in jail if they do, and risk dying in jail. LOOK at poverty and poorness of so many other nations, then decided to take MILLIONS ‘playing’ here, and ‘protesting’ your nation. This is as bad as any irresponsible US citizen taking advantage of the wealth this country gives. Talent is one thing. Luck and good fortune is where it comes from. He risks it all. And I know that he deserves to lose it all.

  2. Is it just me,or does it seem like the most virulently anti-white thugs are bi-racial with white mothers and nearly all lust after white women,especially blondes?Just asking.

      1. From what I understand,the Muslim ‘rapefugees’ that Sweden welcomed in are especially fond of that countries’ bikini team.They account for 100% of violent crime since the invasion started.(the Muslims,not the bikini team.)

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