If you’ve missed the Extensive Media Coverage, you can read the story at the link.

Arms dealer says administration made him scapegoat on Libya operation to ‘protect’ Clinton | Fox News

I’m no detective but does anyone else sense a connection here? Just me?

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  1. Not just you Earl. This is some BIG-TIME serious sh#t! AND Marc Turi is talking!!!! (There’s even more to come, including some additional BIG scandals. I’ve been researching the azzhat Slick Willy and the Beast for years!

  2. The federal penitentiary system is adequate in terms of sustained hospice care while Hitlery spends her last two or three years in prison dying of Parkinson’s disease.

    Speed the plough.

  3. I feel like you’re telling Marc Turi not to bench press a lot of weight at home, alone, without a spotter. Or go to bed early at the Cibolo Creek Ranch and lock the door from the inside. Or go for a brisk ride in his new web-enabled Mercedes Sport Coupe. Or go walking in NW Washington DC at 3am.

  4. After spending years studying and practicing Statistics I can GUARANDAMNTEE you that there is a direct connection between doing ANY business with the clintons and “suicide”, (under mysterious conditions). I think, if a Johnny Rivers song lyric were applied to having a relationship with them they would be, “Odds are you won’t live to see tomorrow”.

  5. The main stream media’s been hot on this one. Nothing to see here … move along, move along.

  6. Right now Sidney Blumenthal and that smarmy little toad,John Koskinen are #1 and #2 on my list of people I’d like to punch in the throat.

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