1. Its all very innocent and no way in hell impeachable. Coco is just looking for “tips” on commodities futures.

  2. Choombitch McWatchthisdrive?
    Jugears Asslifter??
    Likely something easy for Boingo, it’s not like he has mental capacity to spare…

  3. This is a good time to play Fun Facts: Today’s topic, Google is impartial
    GOOGLE these search terms and look at the IMAGES.
    “Asian mother and baby”
    “Jewish mother and baby”
    “Muslim mother and baby”
    “Hispanic mother and baby”
    “Black mother and baby”
    Now try…
    “White mother and Baby”
    Google these search terms:
    “Black pride”
    “Hispanic Pride”
    now try
    “White pride”
    For icing on the cake (trigger warning)
    Google “white man white woman”

    1. Then, play this game.
      Watch TV for a day, and see how many commercials have interracial couples. Then try to find a reason that there would need to be an interracial couple advertising that product, other than political correctness.

      1. That’s one of my favorites. I do it during NFL games wearing my dashiki. GOOGLE European people art and check images. I’m told that this goes very deep into a lot of searches, porn even. Is nothing sacred? Time for DuckDuckGo. Confusion to the enemy.

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