OK Fair’s Fair. Naked Statues Of Trump Are Funny Fun Fun? Now You’re Playing In My Game, Bischez.

And there’s a warning clearly posted here. You are not compelled to click, so don’t come crying to me because your retinas have melted or your genitals have inverted completely up into your abdomen or what not. We serve the news straight here.

Bonus extra no-charge heads-up for the ultra-sensitive reader: Yes, you will see her wiener. Adults only. Proceed at your own risk.

Nice knowing you.

hillary nude statue redacted


  1. Oh man, she reminds me why I’m not married, just kidding my wife dumped me and I’m better for it. Thanks for this on, trust it will get big time exposure J.C.

  2. Well we know that you didn’t plagiarize it although I did see something very similar on the National Review site recently.

  3. Once seen this horror can never be unseen or forgotten or forgiven. The appropriate procedure for viewing this horrific bad dream would have been to require a background sanity check just as if the viewer were buying a weapon. You would then require a follow-up sanity check to access the damage and to order rubber room incarceration wherever necessary.
    If only we could hear the magic words:”Our psychiatrists are standing by waiting for your call”. It’s too late for me but maybe the rest of you can save yourselves,

    1. Excellent suggestions for solid public safety guarantees but they sound like an awful lot of work and expense to implement. We do care but not nearly that much.

  4. One question,Earl…how did you make her look that good?Somewhere,there’s a billy goat who may not wretch at this version of her(it.)

    1. I agree with Pete. You botched this one, Earl. Whoever that body double is, it ain’t Hillary. You can tell she has actual ankles at the end of those legs. Plus, we can stifle the gag reflex if we try moderately hard. I think you have not spent sufficient time browsing amateur Voyeurweb, or wherever you do your research. If you stomach can’t take it, get some interns. You’ve taught us to expect perfection in our debauchery here, Man! It’s not our fault!

  5. This is a head scratcher EoT but I think that you might be onto something really important here. Allow me. Put a little fur on Grandma here and what have you got? A goddamn Yeti is what, and a gender fluid one at that. If I were a betting man I’d say that this critter is kept somewhere like Area 51 along with Caitlin Jenner. I didn’t buy that “the car accident knocked my dick off” story for a second. Art Bell needs to know this.

    1. A brilliant observation – the insight as to gender-fluidity is keenly perceptive as well. And you are right, she is in fact a Yetal creature – of no scientifically discernible gender. Her people keep her shaved, waxed and tweezed to the point nobody truly knows what her real fur looks like. And I don’t want to guess.

  6. I read your disclaimer, yes. I took to heart that it was well founded, yes. I looked anyway, DAMMIT! The retinal damage went through my temporal and occipital lobes like a light-saber! Now I’ll be in therapy for years to re-train other parts of my brain to control vision, speaking and hearing. I thought I was your friend, but my ability to engage in “smartassery” has been severely curtailed… as a matter of FACT, I’m DEAD! Yep… my curiosity of your screaming wit has KILLED me! Please don’t blame yourself… you warned me.

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