1. Well it’s no longer a fact that you are a rock Star Earl who do you want to be?

    Eric Clapton? This was great, posting it. thanks for sending, J.C.

  2. And yet, a great many of her minions would die screaming to drag her corpse in there. And kill you in an eyeblink for suggesting otherwise. This is so bad you’ll need to make up new words after it’s all over

  3. Perhaps you should offer your image Earl to have engraved on her double wide burial plot???

  4. They, the Borg, the collective, aren’t worried about having a fully functional Grandma. They just need occasional hydraulic competence for an hour or 2. Its not like she’ll be making any decisions, that’s been established by Emperor Short Pants, the beta model of Manchu Candidate 1. Their devoted pick up “free shit” and “racism” on the Flipper frequency. Everything else is noise. Not a lot of effort required. No heavy lifting required to steer the stupid.

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