1. Laughing my ass off, you know you are and absolute rock star who must share company with John,Paul, George and Ringo. This goes up tomorrow. Thanks amigo.

    1. That’s a coincidence, because that foot belonged to one of Sir Paul McCartney’s ex-wives. Don’t worry. She got enough in the settlement to buy a completely fungus-free replacement foot from the 3rd world country of her choice. And also France.

  2. EoT, Very wise of you to branch into the suggestions for the health conscious. Big, make that huge fan of Dr Fug as well as his brothers Ravi and Ravi. I was hooked on beach shitting and they got me on the toilet faster that you could say Bob’s your uncle. Please to be thanking you for sharing many funny pictures.

    1. jw, you remind me of a friend who does a HILARIOUS “tech-support” accent… “what is de deeference beetween a duck. One of hees legs arrrrre both the same!”

      1. Thank you sir. I worked in big Silicon Valley IT shops for too many god damned years and had to listen to that sniveling shit every day all day. Sneakiest people alive. If they were higher protein (less chickpea, more chicken) I’d say they’d be good Soylent Green candidates.

        1. I thought “Silicon Valley” was the cleavage between two “augmented” boobs, (and no… lamont and Biteme have never been augmented).

          1. “Silicon Valley” is the house that Shockley built and Apple pussified. Who is this “Biteme” you speak of, Joe “Mr Protoplasm” Biden?

            1. Considering what’s happening at our southern border I must answer, “Juan and the same”.

    2. Oh and I am thanking you with most sincere kindness. Please come to shit yourself in any of my motels located throughout the South as you may desire.

  3. The real beauty of a scam like this…in order to sue the makers – or whoever has the money – you’d have to actually buy and eat real South Asia-harvested toenail fungus (in situ) and then get the actual dysentery that made you repeatedly shit the bed leaving you actually starved and skeletal. It’s brilliant.

    1. Too true. I will kill for a pot of kombucha tea when I get like that. Got to be careful though. Gives me the squirts.

    1. Sure thing. Eat nothing but pea soup and you get an extra 50 years of eating nothing but pea soup.

      Not me. I see Death as a blessed release. From pea soup, among other things.

      1. Hope you’re exaggerating or sarcastic EoT. Got some issues here and let’s just say that its a topic.

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