The Double Standard

Sorry but I won’t tolerate anyone using the death of their son, daughter, whatever as a useful political tool for a rotten, lying, criminal bitch like Hillary Clinton. The muslim scold and his toad wife can shove their bullshit propaganda up their islamic asses.

And the Media…the corrupt liars are surprising no one. It won’t work this time. Trump plays by different rules. They dance for him – and they don’t even know it. I still hate their sorry guts.

double standard


  1. Earl, I appreciate your candor and as usual you again on spot. Thanks for all you do.


  2. I completely agree, and I’ll go a step further in blaming the DNC for inviting them in the first place, unless they invited themselves…which I highly doubt. The Dems are making political hay from their dead son.

    But Trump took the bait, and tried equating his business “sacrifices”, and then made a probably true, but provocative comment about the wife. It may be that he just wanted to be in the headlines over it for a few more days, but that kinda publicity he can do without. He should have either said, “Look, the guy suffered a terrible loss…I’m not gonna get into a pissing match with him.”, and been the bigger man…or, slammed the Dems for taking advantage of them. OR, asked the same question of Killary…”What sacrifices has SHE made? She backed that war, while I did not. And she started ANOTHER war in Libya (along with Susan Rice and Samantha Power), and turned her back on the AMBASSADOR and 3 men that gave up their lives defending him.”

    There were a lot of ways he could’ve come outta that interview in better shape. And I can’t believe he wasn’t prepped better for it.

    None of which has anything to do with the media double standard, but they’re not even TRYING to hide that anymore…

  3. Not surprising that daddy Khan wants Trump beheaded, but Ben Shapiro wanting same is a little off putting.

  4. Yeah, for sure. The Democrats and their scumbag media lackeys went out and searched high and low for the one Muslim in this country whose kid was killed in the service. Somehow, to Democrats, that’s supposed to convince everyone that Muzzies are gentle and kind children of the Earth. Even this bullshit artist Khan has the nerve to say “Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.” Fuck you. And, who was this peon’s kid killed by? A jihadi with a hand grenade.

    Funny how this dishonest piece of shit Khan didn’t mention Major Nidal Hasan. He was a Muslim soldier, too.

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