1. Yikes! Would you get a look at the lipoid structures on the Humster! No wonder Grandma’s hind leg gets to scratching when they latch onto her lady parts.

  2. Have you noticed how this parasite is beginning to look like Bill, and how he is looking more and more like the walking dead? I believe she is draining his blood to keep herself alive.

    1. She’s already got HPV, chlamydia, herpes, hepatitis and advanced syphilis so its a low risk activity.

      1. If she tried to get rid of the std’s it would be with a flamethrower in a very remote desert. I’m thinking area 51. If she got help with her voice it would be from a SCREECH pathologist who was ready to AND his career.

  3. Geez,Earl;I’m gonna have to quit coming here early in the morning.My oatmeal keeps coming back up from the graphics.

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