1. Ditto. I’ve had more than enough of that “we don’t know the motive” shit. No more platitudes, no more “white privilege” jive.

  2. Earl, I thing lamont actually DID have a “REAL JOB” at one time, because I think I’ve heard that he was a roofer… ever heard of “Shit on a Shingle”?

  3. My neighbor is a Deputy Sheriff. I’ve known him for 12 years and have never seen him so jumpy.
    I would love to see all states pass an open carry law for all citizens, so we could back up the police when needed. That just might stop the BLM terrorists.

  4. Every good Republican or Libertarian American has to now stop fighting Trump, and vote for him. You’ve just got to. Okay, maybe he ain’t perfect. Maybe you think he’s too liberal. However, think of the alternative. Everybody (including myself) has to stop with the hyperbole and divisive talk. We’re in big trouble, friends. We’ve got to get together on this, or else we’re all completely fucked. Please don’t sit this one out, and stay home on Election Day. I mean, Trump wasn’t my first choice, either. But:

    1) The wall (now officially part of the GOP platform!)
    2) Stop Muzzy terrorists from coming to the country
    3) Cut taxes, hopefully create jobs, restore normalcy, restore law and order
    4) Mike Pence

    Very nice tribute, Earl. Horrifying times we’re living in. Unthinkable.

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