Here’s Another Sand-Packed Celebrity Vagina Of Summer

Celebrated pretender (“actor”) and globetrotting enviro-scoldier Leonardo DeCappicola (“The Italian Ham”) is holding his annual gathering of a select 500 of the rich and the famous and the hot young models in Southern France to wine, dine and thong-bathe for the paparazzi while celebrating their collective defense of the planet, Leo-style.

What an amazing human being



  1. Are those chem trails, or the jet exhaust from all his jet set buddies flying all over the planet defending it?

  2. You call him The Italian Ham, but he looks more like a side of beef to me.
    The best use for him would to put him on a BBQ Spit and roast his ass for cannibals.

  3. What a little wussy braying shithead cultist this guy is. The best thing he ever did in his sorry-ass life was when his frozen carcass sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in “Titanic”.


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