1. All I know is, it’s high time we had common sense truck control laws.

    Judging by BB’s pipe, it’s high time, period…

  2. Find a motive? HAH!!!
    I would have said he couldn’t find his ass with both hands, but I’m sure he knows where his most used sex organ is.

  3. PJ49, lamont’s “sex organ” is his brain, personality and party favor… it is his whole LIFE! You hit the nail on the “head”, (skull, blow-job, hummer, whatever else refers to homosexual phallic stimulation).

  4. And ANOTHER thing, lamont… is it not germane to the killing that a mooselim screams “aloha snackbar” when murdering people, you coopid stoon!

    1. I don’t care what mooselimb terrorists scream, as long as they scream in pain.

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