1. He gave up a promising career as a do-the-robot performance artist and aggressive panhandler to join the movement.

      1. Word. I was given dilaudid once. I consider myself as being hypodilaudid ever since.

        1. I had cervical disc surgery in Feb. The dumbass nurse in the surgeon’s office never gave him the message that I am not able to use Vicodin or Percocet, they don’t work on me, so I went for 24 hours after surgery with no pain meds! The doc gave me Dilaudid to make it up to me, but it was such a low dose (2mg and I weigh 250 lbs) that it barely took the edge off the pain. Thank God I had Tramadol to boost the Dilaudid!

          1. Not being able to use Percocet, life can be cruel. I have a paradoxical response to morphine, it wires me up and not in a good way. My hall of fame cocktail is a combo of versed and fentanyl for a colonoscopy. They could have checked all the way up to my sinuses and I wouldn’t have given a shit. The 3 hours after the twilight sleep were possibly the best of my life. I guess that that makes me officially shallow.

            1. I was once in ICU for chest pain and got a shot of morphine. It suits me fine. I watched the Philadelphia Eagles destroy the Dallas Cowboys and I did not care. At all. I laughed. “It’s just a game”. I said that. My wife will never forget it. She brings it up every Thanksgiving. Yeah, no problem with the morphine here.
              Yours sounds tasty too.

              1. Uh Oh Earl, we might have a point of contention here.
                When I was living in San Antonio when the Mets won the World Series and the Giants won the Super Bowl in 1986. Being a Mets and Giants fan, I was naturally the most hated man in Texas.
                I had a shirt made that said “My two favorite teams are the Giants and whoever is playing against the Cowboys”.
                Please don’t hate me for that.

                1. I don’t automatically hold murderous hatred for fans of other teams. The upper deck Philly fans are somewhat of an exception but I cut them slack because they’re all drunks and have to live in Philly. Other fans want their teams to win too. I don’t get mad at them for it. Peace Love Dove Bruh

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