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Hi-Tech Hillary – The Change Agent Who Makes Things Happen



Much Like SMOD But Personal Size – So No Planetary Damage

wish upon a star

Precision Laser Guidance Pinpoints The Target Perfectly

New Metaphor Challenge

This is a clinical test. We’re interested in your first reaction after viewing the image below. Please record your information honestly and accurately. We will study your responses for a scholarly and scientific paper we’ll release later, to a conference of professionals you’ve never heard of nor would you ever want to. No names will be published and there are no right or wrong answers. Thank you.

-Staff/ Taint Labs

i'm fur her

The Double Standard

Sorry but I won’t tolerate anyone using the death of their son, daughter, whatever as a useful political tool for a rotten, lying, criminal bitch like Hillary Clinton. The muslim scold and his toad wife can shove their bullshit propaganda up their islamic asses.

And the Media…the corrupt liars are surprising no one. It won’t work this time. Trump plays by different rules. They dance for him – and they don’t even know it. I still hate their sorry guts.

double standard

It’s A Crappy Show – But We Like The Ending


They Woke Bill Up (Updated)


UPDATE: Later, back in the room…


Freshly Leaked: Hillary Yoga Class Photos


He Hooked Her, Under The Rug


The Ingrates

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History Made: The First Ever Known Criminal Nominated For President

And the Afrikrakken says she’ll be a better role model for our kids than Donald Trump?

Well that just killed any credibility I had for FLO-TUSA, right there.

role model