Who’s Going To Rio?

This is what happens when you go all Affirmative Action and award the Olympic Games to a third world cesspool. Like Brazil. Now the city of Rio de Janeiro (River of Effluents) is flat broke and can’t do any cleanup, pay the police, build the promised metro line, etc. The Games are in August. Athletes all over the world have trained for years to compete in these events. For many, it will be their last opportunity to win a medal, ever. And now they have to try for it in a Zika-infested, pathognomic Fiesta de Janeiro. Liberals suck.

The Official Mascot of the Rio Olympics is a Transgenetic Monkey-Parrot-Cat cartoon character and it doesn’t make things one bit better.


  1. Think how much worse it would be if the Games were going to be held in Chicago…

  2. Hi All,
    Any of you old “Squids” and “Gyrines” out there , old 7th Fleet types, remember Olongapo City on the other side of “Shit River!!!” from the Base… As scummy as it was it was probably a Paradise compared to Rio!!
    “Armed Infidel!!!!,”

  3. Better send the Italian navy there to rescue them. Look for a bullet train from South America to Nogales and McAllen soon, like Jerry Brown’s Brown Streak.

  4. Earl, being the genius that you are, YOU know how languages evolve… the new translation of the city is “River of Effluenza”, and it causes “King John VI’s” revenge! Any travelers are instructed that their luggage is to be packed in a “steamer” trunk, (a “steamer” is a warm turd on a cold morning). Rio’s favorite American football team is the “Browns”. Their favorite “game of chance” is “craps”, the first reporter to file a new story about the place is said to have a “Poop Scoop”, Their favorite sect of mooselimism is “Shiite”, their favorite American General is “Colon Powell”… ooh… gotta go pour myself some wine as a little aperitif… see ya.

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