1. Thanks EoT, needed that. Osama bin Bammy looks like he’s wondering which one has the biggest assault rifle.

    1. It is intentional J-Dub and thanks for confirming it works. Is he trembling with fear or anticipation? What happens next? This all serves to trigger the imagination of the viewer. Not that I honestly give a shit, but it does and I have to put something on my application for the Imagination Enhancement grant.

          1. That’s her “oh” face. If she’s in an ad like this she’d make it for anybody. Either one can take the pill, or both. Its just lactose.

    2. Actually, I think he’s sizing up the crowd, trying to figure how long it would take him to service them all.

  2. Barry’s thought bubble: “Gawd, I hope they play ‘just the tip'” (Queue Johnny Carson music)

  3. It is not a stretch to realize that lamont’s favorite group is the “Village Poople”, his nickname in Chicago was “Ben Dover”, his favorite song is “Blow The Man Down”, his favorite drink is milk with ASSidophelus (no wonder he married a Wookiee with an equatorial-sized caboose), in his younger years he wanted a “Rump Ryder BB Gun”, his favorite music genre is “Scat”, favorite movie is “Rear Window”, wanted to join “band” in school because he thought he could play “phallic cymbals” and the “skin flute”, has a special affinity for the creation of “3 dollar bills”, when he showed he wasn’t an inventor they called him “Johnny Come Fellately”, loves the TV show “Queer As Folk”, his favorite part of a whale is the “blow hole”, when he suffered from acid-reflux he requested “Scro-Tums”, his favorite food is “sausage”, was voted as “most likely to have a son who looked like a stool sample”, wanted to join the Navy so he could be surrounded by “Semen”… well, YOU get the picture.

    1. Not sure exactly what you’re implying here, Bear. You just copied his actual bio word-for-word. Don’t you at least want to mention that ‘Scro-Tums’ backwards is ‘Smut-Orcs’?

      1. Yeah, Grunt, I’ve always had a difficult time expressing myself clearly, and sorry for my plagiarism… just don’t have it in me to be creative enough to pen accurate data “in house”. Considering anything in “reverse”, I think you’ve discovered what Tolkien goblins hide from others and what “Bathhouse Barry” likes to do when he’s bowing in front of men.

  4. Just one condom could have prevented Barry instead the best part of him ran down mama’s leg.

    1. I too find it amazing that THIS sperm is the one that succeeded. Can’t imagine what drooling moron would have resulted if THIS one was in the seminal “choom bus” for a bit longer while lamont insane obama senior was screwing that 17 year old honky slu… whor… GIRL!

      1. Glad I’m not alone. Thanks for your addition. Have a happy Father’s Day.

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