Hillary Clinton: It’s Not Islam

It was his guns that brought on this tragic uncontrollable rage of violence, not his religious beliefs. Take the tweetered advice of this wise Grandmother below, who promises to triple the numbers of Muslim immigrants allowed into the US once she becomes the President – hooray!

omar the muslim


  1. She’s a lying, murderous bitch who will do and say anything to secure power
    This is not a game
    If you don’t stop her, NOW, the cost will be in millions of lives

  2. Heard on the radio today that mooselims are not our enemy. Couldn’t get through to admonish the ignorant that the word “islam” means “submission”. Submission to WHAT? I remember seeing a sign (ostensibly posted at the periphery of mooselim countries), “welcome to the west. Please set your clocks ahead 1400 years”. shrillary and the rest believe their inclusiveness and tolerance will buy them acceptance from the “camel-shaggers”. They are too STUPID to realize that dedication to an ideology is MUCH more important to “goat-humpers” than actually apprehending the truth, so they will be the FIRST ones hung or stoned to death by these bestial bastards because of turning their backs on a belief system, whether it was true or not.

  3. After hearing of the revelations re O Mateen today I recalled the time worn question: what’s the difference between a straight muslim and a gay muslim? Ans: 2 beers.

  4. The blue check next to shrillery’s name means it’s brain-dead. Certified to be actual america hating nonsense.

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