1. Nice montage EoT. Surprised that rally attendees are still getting caught in situations making them quarry for the roving hyena packs. Basic street fighting skills need review. These CA crowds are described as “leftists” much of the time. Sure looked like good old down home La Raza Mexicans to me.

    1. Good point on the fighting skills. But that’s not much help for older folks and others who just want to attend a speech without having to fight for it. We used to have the police to prevent this sort of thing. But yeah, I’d probably carry bear spray.

      1. It should be mandatory for Trump supporters to carry aluminum Mizunos to his rallies.

      2. Stay in groups of no less than 6. A roll of quarters wrapped in electrician’s tape can add emphasis. Right about getting too old to stick the jab. Time to admit that even though only one side has declared it, the civil war is on.

        1. Yea, the roll of quarters is a food idea, but put it in a piece of PVC pipe with caps on the ends, it holds together better.

          1. Good thought but it might appear a little too weaponized if you get frisked. May as well go with brass knuckles. The more I think about this I’m leaning toward a sawed off single shot 12 ga with no 7. Great theater but a short run.

  2. I used to curl 175# and although I haven’t kept the bulk, I’m still able to punch hard enough to make a 180 pound man back up 4 steps. If Trump comes to Colorado, I might just show up to see if someone would try to inhibit my right to assembly.

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