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Exclusive Never Before Seen In Public Photo: Hillary’s Surprise Visit To Rio

World Cup 2014. She was still suffering from the brain damage caused by her stroke. We know some will claim this is not Hillary in the photo but we have ironclad proof and eyewitness testimony that will remove all doubt. How? We paid Sidney Blumenthal $201,000.

hill in rio

The Victims outcomes, left to right: Joined a convent, suffered heart attack – survived, self-impaled – dead.

Physics Pop Quiz

Name the result of this event:


More Brexit

Mostly because Obama and Hillary were both on the side of the Remains and they lost.

And we needed a reason to work in a Baractopus.


After Brexit, Hillary Advises Americans To Vote For Anybody But Her

Surprisingly gracious of her to bow out like this. Must be a plea bargain coming. Poor old sot… I hope they put her on a chain gang.



Full Coverage From The Media Wing

media wing

Brazil Admits Zika Virus Is Out Of Control

An authentic photo, just in from Rio:

fog squad

Hillary’s Accomplishments

Accomplishment #1 – She set new protocols for the security and defense of American diplomatic posts, like Benghazi. No more soldiers with hurty guns.

Accomplishment #2 – She blamed the deadly consequences of Accomplishment #1 on a video tape about Morehamhead and had the guy who made it jailed for a year.

Accomplishment #3 – She made an ass pile of money selling State Dept approvals to foreign governments for things like extra visas, permits, contracts and keeping them off the terrorist lists.

Accomplishment #4 – She successfully, to date, deleted all incriminating evidence documenting the crimes committed in her relentless pursuit of Accomplishment #3.

Accomplishment #5 – She screwed Colonel Bernie Sanders and his fried Left Wings to steal the Dem nomination.

benghazi the early days

I Admit It Would Run Me Off Too

Nancy Pelosi in a bathrobe playing Twister. Try not to think about that.

ha ha ha



Exclusive: Actual Hillary Sex Tape Released By Hackers

hillary hacked a

So Evil, The Dark Side Turns To Her


Who’s With Her?

they're with me

What If The Presidential Race Was A NASCAR Event

Well they’d show all their boosters, donors, supporters and sponsors logos on their cars like all the other NASCAR cars do.

And look, Team Clinton’s car is just about out of space. But it is a big team. With lots of players. So this gives you kind of a program, to help keep track.