1. To the theme song from two and a half men……..munch munch munch munch, munchy munch munch munch……..

  2. This “fauxtaux” make me think of what the Wookiee look like in a bikin… PUUUUKKKKKE. Sorry, Earl… the ol’ gag-reflex is still WAAAAAAY to sensitive to think of magilla exposing flesh… ROOUUUUUUPPPP, BLECCCCCCCHH. Look, the Wookiee is just WAYYYYYY too “hirsute” to imagine her attire being anything less than a 3 layer titanium “chain mail” suit of armor and 4″ thick armor plating, with lead-lined panels beneath, and fire-hoses spraying “eye-bleach” at 1200 GPM!

    1. The best thing is for the Wookie to be triple bagged with Home Depot contractor bags, especially over her head.

      1. May I improve on your suggestion, Poppajoe49, how about the 40 yard enclosed COMPACTOR behind Home Depot, that way her ass will fit, and we don’t have to see her either, (those contractor bags aren’t stout enough to keep her “alkali ugly” from burning through!)

          1. poppajoe49, You are giving WAAAAAAY too much credit for the durability of that product. When the manufacturer entered the condom market they made sure that in the fine print disclaimer it says “not to be used in an environment of Wookiee ‘mommy parts’ acid”, ergo, the existence of Malaria and Sashay obama.

            1. I worked in waterproofing as a lad and Flex Seal looks to be the same stuff we poured under hundreds of hospital room showers and tubs before the tile went down. A chemically reactive pour-able epoxy membrane. You mix in a catalyst and pour quick because it sets up fast.

              It would definitely seal a Moose, no doubt about it.

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