1. Earl, ever hear about the two blind animals traveling across the desert? One was a rabbit, the other was a snake. Well, these 2 animals happened to run DIRECTLY into each other. They both backed up, moved over, and “boom”, ran into each other again. So NOW they decided to move WAAAAY over to the other side and… RAN INTO EACH OTHER AGAIN. So, the rabbit said to the snake, “Who are you”, but the snake replied, “I’m blind and can’t see who I am”. The snake continued, “why don’t we feel each other, and we would at least know who the OTHER is”. The rabbit thought that was a stellar idea and began stroking and patting the snake as he began squeezing and squeezing the rabbit. THEN the snake uncoiled and backed away. The snake was the first to explain the other animal. He said, “You have a little twitchy nose, long ears, a fluffy tail, and feet that could help you hop across this desert, you must be a bunny”. The bunny said, “You are ugly, have slimy scaly skin, beady eyes and a forked tongue, YOU must be an attorney”.

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