Is She Done Now?

Is it over? Can we get these people out of our lives, at last? The AG report has exposed Hillary’s blatant dishonesty and even the lefty press is calling her on it, finally.

Just send her sad ass home and confine her to the compound, for all I care. Just get her out of public affairs. And shut down that graft mill of a foundation. Get back Loretta!

po hilly


  1. While I hate the thought of the Arkansas Assholes going back to the White House, I don’t want to see her out of commission until after the election. If she goes, Bernie gets the nomination, and he has the best chance of winning. He would get out the young and loony voters, just like Obama did.

    1. Bernie has his crowd sure but I see that as 25-30% max in the general. I think Trump beats Bernie in a landslide, a la George McGovern in 72.

  2. I think, by this completely un-edited photo, it’s obvious shrillary had herpes. Get a load of those “cankle sores”!

  3. There are so many that just don’t care still. They would follow her off of a cliff.

      1. Awesome idea for a future shop Woodsterman and EOT!!!
        I can see it now the lemmings chasing the canklenaut to oblivion….makes me chuckle

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