Even More Vintage Photos

Here’s one of Hillary as a Junior in High School where she came out of nowhere to win the Presidency. There is a very strange angle to this story that bears further investigation. Few witnesses to this point in history remain – all of her colleagues shown below died under mysterious circumstances within a few weeks of the election. The Maloyne boy was decapitated by a lawn mower. Miss Lowder was entirely consumed by goats. Miss Willen’s body has never been recovered but her clothing and books were found smeared with cherry cheesecake.

Hillary took advantage of the sudden official vacancies to consolidate all power in her office. Soon after she declared campus-wide martial law and suspended all investigations into the students’ deaths. Her upcoming declaration of war against a neighboring college,  the subsequent invasion and brutally botched occupation, provided plenty of coverage to keep the nosy media busy. The students were completely forgotten.


Also we have a pic most of you are likely familiar with, however ours has a little wider view. We think it provides a missing clue into Hillary’s knowledge of the Monica situation, casting strong doubt on the veracity of her statements that it was all a surprise.



  1. I was trying not to laugh out loud, because I didn’t want to wake my grandson (who was asleep on my lap)… but my shaking all over with suppressed laughter ended up waking him anyway.

      1. He’s not quite eighteen months old. And it’s okay; it was about time for his mom to come pick him up anyway. Maybe someday I’ll learn not to read funny stuff while he’s sleeping on my lap! :-)

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