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That Future Bernie Wants You To Believe In

Just in case anyone out there hasn’t seen it yet. Looks yummy, doesn’t it?


Breaking: Gorilla Killing Sparks National Uprising

The latest from the community news site. Updates as we get them.



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Big Sale At The Clinton Foundation

You probably didn’t even know they had an online store. Too large to post on the main page, so it’s linked to the screen grab below. Check it out.

cgi web store partial

So That Was Their Angle

“Your Money or Your Life.”

clinton foundation

Another Old Picture

Doesn’t seem all that old but it’s been 24 years since this magazine was printed. 1992 – there was no Internet that most people were aware of. You went to BBS dialups to download picture files and opened them with a GIF viewer. So much easier to share them, now days.

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New Hillary Ad Targets Pro-Growth Voters

Launched recently on Twitter. Poll-tested as highly favorable to likely Democratic voters, campaign officials expect it to perform particularly well in the upcoming California primary.


Is She Done Now?

Is it over? Can we get these people out of our lives, at last? The AG report has exposed Hillary’s blatant dishonesty and even the lefty press is calling her on it, finally.

Just send her sad ass home and confine her to the compound, for all I care. Just get her out of public affairs. And shut down that graft mill of a foundation. Get back Loretta!

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Elizabeth Warren The Impotent Squaw Vows To Stop Trump

pound grass

Obama’s Technically More Of A Worm


Hey It’s Happening In Venezuela Now

The inevitable result of some activated pack of dumbasses’ fervent and evergreen desire for socialism. Millions of them right here in America, following this bony old retarded Chaveznik down the Shining Path.

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She Was A Canklish Child

The award-winning biography for young readers you want to damage don’t really like all that much. Comes with its own bedside bucket (go easy on those snacks, Mom!) Hillary-shaped sponge and drop cloth. Just grab the disinfectant and it’s Story Time!


Notice: Publication of this book has been halted pending action brought against the Publisher by the Federal Child Safety Commission for Hillary/2016.