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Moah Boids!

It means he’ll be dead soon.


I Really Do Hate The Fighting

Understand, I grew up in a broken home. I hated it whenever the folks started fighting. In my little bed, I’d plug my ears so I wouldn’t hear the punches landing and the groans from the pain. Dad would usually take a few dozen hard shots before he’d lose it and hoist Mom out the door for a helicopter toss into the bushes. Things would get pretty quiet at that point and I’d go to sleep. It was seriously traumatic though, I mean it. Real talk.

This one’s from the heart.

broken home

This Right Wing Fantasy Will Never Actually Happen

I fully accept that this dream image of mine is rather ridiculous. Nothing like this will actually happen to Hillary, after she’s convicted. I’m certain she’ll receive a much nicer cell and no way they chain her by the neck to a stripper’s pole, like I would. But it’s my dream so I indulge myself.

security review

Move Over Bernie – Bigger Bird Lands On Clinton’s Podium

hillary bird

Knows Dead Meat When It Smells It

Maybe Hillary Killed The Foreign Hackers That Accessed Her Emails

Maybe she didn’t need a secure network. Maybe she used a different tactic, ever think about that possibility? Of course you haven’t, that’s why you come see me.

bathroom server

Don’t worry – this is just a photo not the executable. You can look.


Even the old analog spies took hits. Chappaqua duty was the kiss of death.

***Warning! Soggy Biscuits!***

boob spy

Democrat Match Game

dem match game

On Hillary Investigation, Obama Wrestles With His Consciences

I was going to do the classic Angel on one shoulder and Devil on the other but unlike any normal, decent, non-Democrat-voting human being, these are Obama’s ethical considerations and so of course they’re all pequeños diablos.

hard choices

The Chalkening

It’s been reported that the mere sight of Trump’s name written in chalk on a college sidewalk leaves the Witless Student Community stunned, traumatized and completely incapacitated.

Meaning we should be writing Trump’s name all over the damn place.


But Then So Is Every Other Day For Ten More Months

april fool