2016 Election Update

The latest data on how Demonrat voters are breaking, as analyzed and reported by the crack staff over at the MFNS Data Analysis Office in Shreveport.

(And you can laugh all you want about how they drink and cuss and run around buck naked – but their numbers are always dead solid perfect. You have to give them that. I’ll accept no argument asserting otherwise.)

dem stats


  1. I’m disappointed in you. You completely forgot the most rock solid Demonrat voting bloc, DEAD VOTERS!!

  2. I agree with my compadres above… unless you include the “Jerry Garcia” demographic, you’re missing the most integral part of democrap politics!

    1. The Data Team did not analyze every dem community and/or identity zone. They only had room for so many on the screen, so they chose Stoned over Dead because they share much the same outlook and are just as easily persuaded. So there.

      1. Oooooo, the infamous “nyah, nyah, nyah” rejoinder. I perceive you were once registered as a democrap yourself.

        1. Wasn’t everyone once registered as a Democrap? You know the old saying,
          “If you’re young and a Republican, you have no heart, if you’re old and a Democrat, you have no brain.”

          1. When I was a kid, Democrats were a whole different thing. They weren’t just Takers. Today they’re the Grievance Gravy Party and it’s sickening.

            1. I know what you mean. I was one year too young to vote for Carter in ’76, but by the time ’80 rolled around, I had wised up and voted Reagan.

        2. You sly old bear. Ahem.
          In fact, I first volunteered – quite enthusiastically – for the George McGovern campaign. I liked him best because his B.A. was in history. I was too young to vote. But I voted for Jimmy Carter. And Bill Clinton twice. Yep.
          I could not vote for Gore. He was a loon. A boring loon. Didn’t care one way or the other on W. Then came 9-11. I could not vote for any member of the Democrat party since that time. And will never. But once upon a time, I was a Democrat yes. That’s where I thought the best people were, at the time. Not anymore.

      2. Anonymous but totally reliable sources inform me that dead voters are still undecided between Colonel Sanders and Queen Cacklepants because they’re waiting to see which one promises more free stuff for dead people.

      3. Many dead voters probably need to be reprogrammed since they were fixtures in Chicago mayoral elections for decades. But, you have to give them their due, they probably make better decisions than living democrats.

  3. Possible omission. I don’t see “womyn” called out. Probably no need since the split would be 66.6% in favor of Mrs Stainmaker. Or, maybe there aren’t any of that stripe in Shreveport, in which case its my next vacation destination.

      1. Went through there once. Interesting airport security setup. Flight number 1 leaving today or tomorrow type thing. Throwing money away and falling down drunk, sounds like college.

    1. Also the lunatic fringe crafted pronouns womyn, wymyn, wyymmmyyynn, wwzzyzen and zegishputagnte have not yet gained formal acceptance into the Professional Data Analyst Style Manual. As such the team is barred from including any of them in legitimate studies.

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