1. Very moving EoT, worthy of Diego Rivera. What’s the old Spanish saying? “Teach a man to mow and he will eat forever. Give him another man’s mower and he will vote Democratic.”

  2. It is typical of the GOP to ASSUME that just because someone is a felon they are a liberal – it infuriates me that so many Conservatives can be so “holier-than-thou” that they think that the Virginia felons will all vote for Dems – I KNOW one of these men and he is extremely conservative and this will be his first time to EVER get to vote because at the age of 17 he fought for HIS WOMAN with another teen I call that a RIGHT OF PASSAGE

    1. Lisa, while I agree with you that not ALL felons are liberals, the problem with the VA case is that 90% + of these felons are AA, and historically Dem voters. I also know more than one felon that is conservative, in fact one is as conservative, if not more, than I am. He got busted for pot over 25 years ago in NJ, and can’t get his record expunged because of stupid NJ laws, but he did get his voting rights reinstated when he finished his probation. He has also had a squeaky clean record since then, but NJ doesn’t care.
      Now, on to the felons in this picture!
      These illegals do have one serious flaw, they seem to have no taste when it comes to women! They will whistle, leer, cat-call, and try to grope, any woman, even ones that look like Rosie O’Donnell and Queen Cankles.

        1. My point here is more on the timing and purpose of the VA Governor’s announcement – and Hillary’s cheerleading for it. I think it’s politically opportunistic. Maybe it’s just me.

          1. No, you’re right. The stated intent behind this was to make up to African Americans for any perceived slights. The real reason was to get tens of thousands more Democrat voters.

      1. True. So maybe a ‘no fat chicks’ sign at the border could stop them in their tracks.

    2. I’m certain there are several conservative, patriotic and civil-minded murderers, rapists and thieves who will vote Republican, sure. And several thousand who will certainly vote for demtards. And then a whole bunch more who won’t vote at all. On account of they’re scum and villains and don’t actually give a crap.
      And my sincere best wishes to your friend but your anecdotal assertion that he broke the law honorably over HIS WOMAN is useless without pics. Good ones.

        1. There are more than enough legal, registered and active retards voting than all the ex-prisoners put together. I just mainly hate Hillary Clinton’s bloody guts.

  3. Hey Earl,
    I was thinking. Is there a way to add an option for us to like someone’s posts?
    I keep looking for a way to let people know I liked their post without having to write another post.

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