1. An admitted aside EoT, but its Earth Day (Ert Day if you’re a Chicagoan) and its time to reflect on what we can do to help our fellow inhabitants of Spaceship Earth (Ert). To that end I’d suggest thinking globally but acting locally. An example would be to create some stagnant puddles for our friend, Aedes aegypti. Be sure and buy plenty of Off! for family and friends however. Asking for a little head doesn’t mean what it used to. As far as Old Hickory, he’s laughing in his grave. He doesn’t need their yankee dollar to tell him who he is.

  2. That looks more like Moochelle’s ass, frankly. Also, I think you’d have a better winner if you had put Harriet in the background with another paddle, taking turns with Andrew whaling on Mooch, with a piece of paper on the ground labeled “Luxury Vacation Charges.” Just a suggestion, though. I can’t argue with the master!

  3. Well affirmative action currency is long overdue but they should have chosen a higher profile contributor, like Aunt Esther.. We need more esteemed AA’s on monuments as well. Leon Spinks on Stone Mountain?

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