1. It’s a violently swirling bowl of leftist poo. But I’m OK. No lesions so far.

            A little Ajax powder works even better. fyi. You make a paste and daub it on gently. Voila.

            1. OK, I admit it. My damned curiosity got the better of me. Now I need some mind bleach.

  1. I’m getting so damned tired of hearing Trump whining about how he’s getting his delegates stolen, and his “I have millions more votes and hundreds more delegates”. His whining and bitching is getting on my nerves! It’s almost like he’s getting to be more annoying than Geraldo Rivera! I wish he would just shut the fuck up and go away!

    1. Okay, friend. How about this?

      In 1983, George Brett of the Kansas City Royals demolished a pitch from Goose Gossage of the New York Yankees, and crunched it over the right field wall for a 2-run homer that put The Royals ahead 5-4 in the 9th inning. Billy Martin, manager of The Yankees, and a total drunk pussy idiot, ran out and claimed that Brett’s bat had too much pine tar on it. After a few minutes, the umpires nullified the home run, since, according to the rules, strictly as written, Martin was right. The umpires called George Brett out, and he went berserk. Rightfully so. He was a career .300 hitter with over 300 home runs. Do you think a few extra inches of pine was the reason he hit the home run? No, me neither. However, the rules are the rules, right? You gotta follow rules exactly as written, like a rigid jerk, even if it smacks of cheating, nullification of the truth, and being thoroughly ridiculous.

      Well, ultimately, the ruling was overturned, the home run was reinstated, and The Royals won the game. Billy Martin went down in history as pulling the worst pussy tactics in the history of baseball. Even after the home run was reinstated Martin tried every infantile and obstructive trick in the book to prevent the game from being completed. Brett was pissed off about the whole thing, often said so, and I guess he was just “whining”, right?

      An analogy to this baseball situation? Donald Trump is George Brett, and Ted Cruz is a fucking cheating jerkoff.

        1. Yeah, sure thing, friend. You’re right. That must be why Pat Buchanan accused Cruz’s campaign of sending out its “apparatchiks” to steal delegates. Let me guess: you must think Pat Buchanan is a New York City liberal.

          1. I just don’t get hatred of the other Republicans. Even Kassitch or whatever…he’s a wimp but I don’t hate his itchy ass. I’m saving it for the Beast. That creature cannot be our President, ever.
            I’ll go against her with whichever human being the voters choose – and I’m confident either one will clean her dusty, cob-webby, bat-ridden old clock.

            1. Trump is the one that started the hatred of other Republicans. He started off with picking on Megyn Kelly, then went to Low energy Jeb, Carly’s face, Rand’s polls, then he started on the Lyin’ Ted Bullshit, I have yet to see him actually go after Hitlery. Probably because he actually likes her, after all, he donated to her, even when it had nothing to do with his business dealings.
              My thought is that he’s the real liar, but as long as his pals at FOX News keep bolstering him and putting him on the air, nobody will get to find out about what a POS he is until he gets the keys from King Barky!

              1. You know, friend, you’re a truly delusional and troubled individual. Donald Trump is not “liberal”. How can he be? CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, and every other lefty news outlet in the country portrays Donald Trump as an ultra-right extremist. Yet, the Cruz folks keep carping that he’s a liberal. Somebody, or everybody, is lying about the guy.

                We live in times now where everyone is an extremist, actually. And, it’s basically “if you’re not one of us, you’re the enemy.” Moderacy, reasonablesness, and the willingness to compromise are all gone. Bush, and then Obama even worse, caused all this.

                Donald Trump was in the hotel room in New York when Reagan announced his candidacy in 1980. Why was he there? Because he’s a liberal?

                1. Trump has a history, it’s not a conservative one. He supported Planned Parenthood, he supported allowing more illegals in the country, he’s not conservative, he just panders to whoever he thinks can do him the most good. If he was with Eagan, it’s because he wanted something from him.
                  The lefty news outlets won’t actually tell you if they like him or not, because they’re beholden to Hitlery.

                  1. You’re not telling the whole truth, which I think is manipulative. Trump doesn’t support Planned Parenthood. Saying that is dishonest. He wants to eliminate funding for them if they perform abortions. He didn’t support allowing illegals into the country, either. By the way, Trump was in the room with Reagan when he announced his candidacy because Trump worked on Reagan’s campaign finance committee in 1979. Trump was at the 1988 Republican convention defending Dan Quayle on TV.

                    The Cruz supporters have really done this great job of repeating like parrots how Trump is a liberal. Half the people in society say Trump is a right-wing fascist, and the other half claim he’s a New York liberal. Now, how do these two wildly opposing views reconcile, my friend? I’d love an answer, but I won’t get one. The answer is, though, that both opinions are dead wrong, and they’re just out and out lies. I agree Trump is not Tea Party, which I think is great, but he’s not a “liberal”, either. The problem with everyone these days is that if you’re not easily identifiable as one of them, then they think you’re the polar opposite. It’s absurd. There is no moderacy and reasonableness anymore. Everyone is an extremist and an ideologue.

                    I just read an article at Breitbart, just this minute, where a little millenial douchebag liberal who wants Bernie to be president said that if Trump wins, she wants to move to Canada. There you have it: Donald Trump is all evil things to both sides of the political spectrum. He’s both an ultra-right extremist and a far left liberal. It’s so hilarious to me, how everyone is such a dishonest partisan asshole these days.

                    Here’s the reality: Trump is a populist and a pragmatist, who is moderate-right. He’s pro-working man. He’s not an ideologue legal academician, who spouts lofty ideas and makes grand speeches. He gets things done, and will work with anyone. That’s the truth of who he really is.

                    1. Trump reminds me of a Democrat, from back when there were decent Democrats. That’s no slur. He’s not my first choice but I’ll take him over Hillary without hesitation. And I do think he’s a good man, who intends to do well. We’ll see.

                    2. You need to read more than the Trumpians line on him. Do a little more research than what he wants you to know.

                      Breitbart is totally in the tank for Trump.

                      Trump and Planned Parenthood

                      Trump and Abortion

                      Trump and Reagan

                      Can you spell OPPORTUNIST?

            2. Personally, I don’t hate the other Republicans. I don’t hate Kasich. How can you hate Kasich? He’s like a smurf. Anyone — and I mean ANYONE — is better than who is sitting on his ass in the Oval Office now. Even Hillary, in my opinion, is not quite as bad as Obama. I don’t want her to be president, believe me, but I think we’ve reached rock bottom. Nowehere to go but up, even if it’s a centimeter.

              I’m disappointed in Cruz, which is where part of my anger comes from. I liked the guy. I’m sort of philosophically libertarian, and I liked him when he was one of only two other senators who stuck up for Rand Paul during his filibuster when King Barack claimed he could murder American citizens on American soil with drones without due process.

              However, I don’t like the stuff he pulled in Iowa, and I don’t like the machinations with the delegates. Rules or no rules. My attitude is not unprecedented. 1976 was ugly, but at least Reagan was literally almost tied with Ford going into the convention. Cruz will be nowhere close to Trump. Cruz is just a spoiler for the establishment now, in my opinion. He’s gonna hand the election to Hillary for sure if he doesn’t drop out.

              A vote for Cruz is now a vote for a contested convention, and perhaps the destruction of the Republican Party. Sean Hannity said that just last night. He’s right.

              Much respects to you, Earl. Celebrate diversity with Harriet Tubman, y’all.

          1. If he’s the nominee, I will hold my nose and pull the lever. My big 2 issues with him are:
            1. New York City Republicans are the same as Democrats everywhere else. (I used to live outside the city, I know first hand.
            2. Celebrity politicians scare the shit out of me. think Schwarzenegger and what he did to Kalifornia.

            1. I have relatives who live outside New York City. They’re so conservative I bet they’d make you look like Bernie Sanders. I know other people they know who are similar. Don’t paint everyone with the same brush.

  2. Time to bury the hatchet and start playing well with others or we’re looking at Sec’y of State Sharpton trying to pronounce ‘Ethiopia’. If you think that John Kohn is stupid…

  3. At this point I think we’re arguing over whether we want to be slaughtered with a sharp knife or a dull one. Its Chicago politics gone national and the place is so flooded with third worlders that we’ll be entering the post-constitutional era. Whoever we end up with it should be looked at as a symbolic gesture. We’ll have to separate from New Zimbabwe (formerly Washington DC) and take some ICBMs with us. Wonder when the Dystopia video game comes out.

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