This Right Wing Fantasy Will Never Actually Happen

I fully accept that this dream image of mine is rather ridiculous. Nothing like this will actually happen to Hillary, after she’s convicted. I’m certain she’ll receive a much nicer cell and no way they chain her by the neck to a stripper’s pole, like I would. But it’s my dream so I indulge myself.

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  1. This would be a good start, but in the end, I would like to see her standing next to DeBlasio on a gallows platform, with piano wire around their necks.

  2. C’mon, Earl…you know very well there isn’t even enough orange in a Colorado sunset to make a pants-jump-suit big enough to cover shrillary’s corpulent caboose! I can imagine Willie’s new “Twitter handle” if she ever DID end up in “the house of many doors”… “#Bootie-call-Bill”. Maybe Bill can open a flower shop to pay for his “poor wife’s” legal expenses, it could be called “STD Florists”!

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