I Really Do Hate The Fighting

Understand, I grew up in a broken home. I hated it whenever the folks started fighting. In my little bed, I’d plug my ears so I wouldn’t hear the punches landing and the groans from the pain. Dad would usually take a few dozen hard shots before he’d lose it and hoist Mom out the door for a helicopter toss into the bushes. Things would get pretty quiet at that point and I’d go to sleep. It was seriously traumatic though, I mean it. Real talk.

This one’s from the heart.

broken home


  1. I think what is going on is beyond a shame. However, I do not simply think this a case of the easy and tiresome thing to say, which is, “Donald Trump is a bad, bad person.” Not that anyone has said that yet, but, the fact is, I have never seen anything like what is being done to the guy ever before in American politics, and I’m no spring chicken. What was done to Reagan in 1976 and 1980 comes close, but this is worse. The smear campaign against Trump is disgraceful, and Ted Cruz has had a big hand in it, in my opinion. But, I’m not implying Trump is innocent. Not at all. He could have handled things a lot better, but the phony shit that’s being said about him day after day has got to get to him. To see what is happening now, with the shifty and shady things that are going on with the delegates, though, is gross and disgusting, and, for a guy who claims to love the country so much, I think Ted is enjoying his hollow engineered victories a bit too much. The Colorado thing is really ugly.

    The thing I’m enjoying the most about this primary season is the wildly divergent opinions of who Donald Trump is on the right and the left. The newsmedia, Obama, and all the liberals really believe Trump is an ultra-right fascist extremist, and the Cruz supporters and Tea Party people claim he is really an urban New York liberal who donates money to Democrats. It’s hysterical. Obviously, both opinions cannot possibly be correct, but Donald Trump has become all evil things to all people. It’s sort of silly and sad, and really illustrates beautifully just how dishonest, corrupt, and truly stupid most people are.

    A guy runs for president and says, “Build a wall, deport the illegals, stop Muslim immigration for a little while, and negotiate new trade deals” and the shitstorm comes down on him like the Milky Way galaxy is exploding. Amazing.

    1. I don’t hate Trump by any measure but surely the guy would expect this kind of reaction, particularly by standing as a Republican.
      The Colorado thing is nothing new. Their rules didn’t change and Trump put little into Colorado anyway. He’s still winning right? If he takes the nom, he’ll get my vote. But some people, like me, prefer Cruz because they believe he will be a more reliable conservative than Trump in the long run. That’s all.

      Mostly I want to bury Hillary. Nothing else comes close to mattering more, for me.

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