1. Wait, wait…I got this…here, hold my beer. Now…let’s see…all three titles apply to numbers 1 and 2. And number 3 is that guy from New York with the funny comb-over. What’s his name? Oh yeah, Trump. You can’t fool me, Earl. AmIrite?

    1. Sorry R2 but not Trump. And they all sport comb-overs, frankly. The methods are distinctly different as one drops a car payment for its wig while another uses a very dull FloBee, but they’re comb-overs all the same.
      I only mention this because I know people just want the facts in this crazy campaign.

  2. Don’t quit your day job to make puzzles, Earl… this is TOO easy. The labels are entirely adjustable. The people are shrillary clinton, Bernme Slanders and Lena Dunham.


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