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My Favorite Part Of Spring : The Buds Are Blooming

Goodbye Winter!


The Flowering

2016 Election Update

The latest data on how Demonrat voters are breaking, as analyzed and reported by the crack staff over at the MFNS Data Analysis Office in Shreveport.

(And you can laugh all you want about how they drink and cuss and run around buck naked – but their numbers are always dead solid perfect. You have to give them that. I’ll accept no argument asserting otherwise.)

dem stats

Which Party Will Appeal Most To The Illegal Immigrant, Ex-Felon Voter?

dem base

Thanks to J-Dub Burns for the muselage

Ball And Cankles

ball and cankles

The Bribery Gap Is Real

It’s time to face facts. Woman criminals are getting robbed. Recent studies show females who operate at the exact same level of corruption as male criminals yet only make 76% of the bribes and kick backs the men earn, on average. This is unfair and must be corrected.

bribery gap

Felons Of A Feather

mcauliffe and felons

This Ought To Satisfy Just About Everyone

Assuming she was enjoying it too, I mean.

jackson tubman twenty

Meet The New Muppet

sesame joe

The Art Of The Steal

That’s my guy. Flyin’ Ted.

gone in 60 seconds


Who Wants A Nasty Old Transphibian In The Rest Room With Their Daughters?

Not me.

trans dangers

WH: Obama Not “Meddling” In Clinton Email Investigation By Saying She’s Innocent


Not a smidgen of influence – you hear me Loretta?


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