1. I saw something on some dick-weed web site which said we’ll be able to import Cuban cigars now. I had to inform the ignorant that all the good cigar makers left Cuba decades ago when the Commies took over. Sigh … someone put a bullet in me!

      1. I know one of the Cubans (who is accused of being Canadian) that you are talking about. I met him at Dallas Love airport.

  2. Ya know, I should market a photo of magilla or shrillary for “erections lasting over 4 hours”! Wait… what would I do about the dimple left in the place of a guys manhood. Nevermind… fix one problem and start another. Crap.

  3. Let’s see if I remember my Spanish and can wish the couple well: “Vaya ustedes al infierno.” By jove, that’s it. Merkel would say “Gehen zie hellen.”

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