Obama Says Widespread Appeal Of Donald Trump Has Nothing To Do With 8 Years Of Him

It’s not backlash against Obama, it’s just frenzied hatred whipped up by the GOP members of Congress consistent opposition to Obama’s policies, see? That’s why millions of people fervently support Trump. Not because they’re fed up with crap like this:

rise of trump


  1. How anyone could have a fly resting on their upper lip and not instinctively brush it away will remain a question for the ages, or something.

  2. Hey EoT why you be pickin’ on the homey. We knows he dindu nuffin. It not who we is!? Be it?

  3. On a serious note, is the question why is Trump leading or who spawned the Trump phenomenon? Cruz and Trump are reactions to multiple aspects of Bammy which have created a huge pool of disenfranchised obviously: disregard for the law, misrepresentation through the media, cultural dissolution, racism, contempt for American principals, etc. Trump is possibly just touching a broader intersection of those disenfranchised with more a more blue collar dialectic. That and he seems strangely impervious to the media bias. Bottom line fallout post Chicago’s new Haymarket Riot is the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The left was intoxicated by The One, but it turns out that there was lead in their wine.

    1. Awesome take, thanks. Trump has caught the mood of a large segment of Americans, there is no denying that fact. Strangely enough, so has Bernie.
      It could turn into a shooting war, if we’re not careful.

  4. lamont looks like Pearnoccio. His ears got bigger with each lie/year. I remember how, in 2010, that fly found the turd with no problem.

  5. I ran out of gas. I… I had a flat tire. I didn’t have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts ! IT WASN’T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO ALLA…… Er…… GOD !


  6. I love being right. You hate Barack Obama, you are nothing an uneducated
    black-hating racist, bigoted Klansman k-nt, just like Klansman Trump.
    But, hey, remember how you are NOT racists c-nts, just patriots? No, I
    don’t believe that lie either! The racist right need to blame the black man for everything! Case in point:
    Racists, bigoted, k-nts on the right do what they do best. Blame the division THEY caused on the black man in office! It’s all because obama is (your words, not mine,) a Ni–er! and you hate having that Ni–er in the White House, which is why, no matter what, you support that black-hating, racist, bigoted, riot creating, Klansman loving scumbag Trump because you are a black-hating, racist, bigoted, riot creating, Klansman loving scumbag like him, too.
    Trump is worse than David Duke for one reason: He incites riot and then pretends he is not responsible for his own words and actions! That makes things even worse! Spiritually empty people are the most bigoted!
    Trump is 100% irresponsible: Trump is a man who considers his ego – not God – to be infallible. Right?! He refuses responsibility for all his actions. To this day, Trump insists that he has seen Muslims protesting on TV after 911 although there’s objective evidence that no such footage was ever televised. Infallible Trump asserts that he has no need to repent of anything to God, therefore he does not repent to God. That’s not Christian. That is devilish pride.
    Clear and present danger. Trump is a man who considers himself infallible despite clear facts to the contrary. He is not a man who takes responsibility for his actions or his words. This is a pathological con-man whose ego trumps reality in-his-mind-only. A con-man savior is poison for America!
    Rather than taking some measure of blame for culturing a physically
    nasty environment at his rallies, he seeks to blame Obama, Hillary or Bernie or
    anyone else on Earth. That is dangerous to America and we citizens. His temperament is unsound.
    He’s 100% correct, as usual, so it figures that this video would have tons of completely irrelevant, ridiculous comments from the racist, bigoted, black-hating braindead crowd.?
    America is a dysfunctional family. Hatred, bigotry and mistrust is in our national DNA. That’ll never change because we don’t want it to change.
    The “Obama made race relations worse” nonsense is a canard. People are using that as an excuse for their own ingrained hatreds that they’ve been nursing long before Obama ever became a politician. They just can’t expect that a black man was voted President.
    Millions of guns has been purchased by white racists since Obama was elected. Over 90% of talk radio are anti-Obama, which of course are owned by Republicans. The chicken has come home to roost.
    The only sense that is true is how they reacted to his Presidency. They convinced the morons that vote for them that Obama is a Marxist, Muslim, usurper who wants to destroy America. They dubbed the ACA Obamacare (bad move idiots) and claimed that it would destroy the economy. They promised that they would repeal it if they got control of Congress, knowing that there was no chance of that happening while Obama is President. And now they are surprised that their rubes don’t like them?
    Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you

      1. Earl, I had NO idea you were such a despicable waste of sperm. ?man is such an erudite and compelling jeenyus, I am so TOTALLY convinced I am a certifiable racist that tomorrow morning I’m going to go to Colfax Street in Denver and scream “NI__ER” to all the “melanin-enhanced” pimps and “hos” and get the “obama” kicked out of me. THEN, if I’m still alive, in the grand tradition of William Spooner I’m going to call them “chearspuckers”, “morch ponkeys”, “bigajoos”, “bar-tabies”, “clark douds”, “croon mickets” and call “they wimmin” “beshoons”. If I live through THAT, I’ll just kill myself.
        It is imperative to NEVER forget the dysfunction of “projection” when considering the inability of liberals to see anything objectively. Even the most cursory proofreading would expose their hypocrisy, but the brainwashed must have no ability to see. The fact they lack ANY modicum of comprehension to “self-diagnose” their own pathology is frustrating for me. If liberals were arrested for being crazy, the insanity defense would be absolutely fitting.

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