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Jiggy, Soggy, Wiggly, Jello-y Oldness

Granny and Pops do Hip-Flop.


Which One Will Die First?

It’s A Real Shame When We Only Get Real News Via The Foreign Media

Credit the Germans for this one. Really embarrassing, semi-professionally speaking.

last tango

And Then


Bernie Attacked By Berd

berddog pinch

God Knows I’m Kidding

Happy Easter to all!

happy easter

Newsworthy Item

I saw where Jerod Fogle, the former Subway spokesperv, has been promoted to serving food in the Admin dining facility of his prison. Well you all know my dream and nothing else is grabbing me today…

jared in prison



A Gentle Reminder On Who We’re Voting Against


Here’s My Dream


They’re Looking For Retirement Property

vamos a cuba

Slimy Worm Says What?


Michelle Returns From Texas

In this crazy campaign season, we can’t allow the little bits of everyday news to go unobserved. We must maintain some sense of normalcy.

No not here, just in the general citizenry. We don’t do normal here.

tamale night copy