We Support Ted Cruz

I haven’t seen any updates on the SC primary results, exit polls or such. So I figure it’s time to make a decision and speak out on behalf of the candidate I’d most like to see as our next President.

I Choose Cruz.


Partly because he’s a Texan, like me. Mostly because I believe he is the best equipped to successfully argue conservative principles to a nation bombarded by leftist thought via academia and the majority of the media. I believe he can articulate the merits of less government better – and with more sincere conviction – than any other candidate running. Texas sent him to Washington for this reason and he has not let us down. I do trust Ted and I think he will make a fantastic President all Americans will be proud of.

This is not a knock on Donald Trump. There are many things I admire about Trump. I do believe he has a good heart and would work earnestly as President to do right by America. If he wins the nomination, I will run to vote for him. But first choice is Cruz.

I hope this isn’t the Kiss of Death.



  1. Yup, it’s def the kiss of death… Cruz is a slimy slithering snake. I’d have thought what he did in Iowa to Dr. Ben and his stance on immigration would turn you off, like a bunch of us. He sure changed a lot of minds, though, with the Iowa stunt. Here’s hoping he ain’t the one!

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    1. Frankly anyone who would throw such an earnest conservative under the bus for the “Iowa thing” is just looking for rationale to hate him, imo. But no, that did not ‘turn me off’ at all. Because Cruz has major credits, built up by his efforts to hold the line in the Senate and stand for Conservatism. I won’t drop him for a political move. He’s trying to win, see? Same as Trump and all the others.It’s part of the battle and they all have to do it.

      Cruz is not perfect. Not my Messiah. But he’s the best true conservative candidate we’ve had in a long time, in my opinion. Trump isn’t perfect either, but I won’t call him a slimy snake. I don’t have to hate Trump to like Cruz. I don’t have to tear your guy down to build mine up. I save that for the democrats.

      Let’s hang together.

        1. Thanks Bud. Perhaps I will. At this point I have no intention of attacking any Republican candidate, not because I fear any repercussions but because I don’t think it serves our cause.

  2. I’m with yah. I heard some Senator bleating the other day about how Ted will never work as POTUS because “nobody likes him” in the Senate, and they won’t work with him. I say, “Look Senator, perhaps you’re not aware of the low esteem in which the People hold the US Senate? If you retards don’t like him, then show me where I can donate to his campaign.”

    1. Yeah, Obama did such a stellar job of outreach with Congress.
      That whole ‘ineffective because nobody likes him’ schtick is retarded. Congress works with the President whether they like him or not. Because they have to, if they want to advance legislation and/or influence policy.

      And I prefer a Congress/Presidential standoff myself. They do much less damage when they get less done. I’d be happy of they turned out the lights and went home.

  3. I read your missives regularly and eagerly. This particular one I really cherish. I, too, am a Texan although I don’t live there any more. Just got home from watching the South Carolina returns and I’m disappointed that Cruz didn’t do better. The lower three ought to surely drop out soon.
    The only thing I disagree with you on is Trump. I think he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He tells too many untruths, to put it nicely.
    Keep up your good work.

    1. Thank you Sweetie,
      When Trump announced last summer, I was very skeptical of his intent. I thought he’d be a short-lived sideshow and I did not trust him at all. But then I watched him and listened to him speak…and I do believe the man is sincere in his statements. I’m still not convinced this Boss of Bosses is a good fit for President – mostly because I don’t believe the President is supposed to be the Ruler of the country and Solver of Every Problem Ever. I think Cruz gets this, not sure Trump does.

  4. Well, at least Little Jebbie finally got the message. Too bad he didn’t realize it before he truly embarrassed himself by having his 90 y/o mother out in the snow of New Hampshire using a walker campaigning for him.

    I agree with just about everything Cruz has to say…and it’s refreshing to have a true conservative running. But I have a really hard time watching him give a speech. Every move he makes looks like it’s been rehearsed. Certainly not enough of a problem to keep me from voting for him, but it is enough to keep me from embracing him.

    Trump is Trump…always talkin’, sayin’ nothin’. I think he would PROBABLY do a decent job as president…certainly better than the POS currently serving…but I’ve had about a belly full of the, “It’s going to be SO great, folks…you just won’t believe it!” bullshit.

    Rubio talks a good game, but I can’t shake the feeling that he’d be no different than the rest of the Republicans that got sent to DC to DO something, and did NOTHING.

    Carson is out of his league. Good guy, but hardly presidential. But it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere…he gave a speech last night full of conspiracy theories and pledged to be the avenger that’ll clean it up.

    I may be one of the few that like Kasich, but he’ll never catch fire enough to win anything. He may be a good VP pick, because of the weight Ohio carries. I like him because he has experience in balancing both state and federal budgets, but also isn’t against giving someone that’s down on their luck a helping hand. And after the last 8 years, there are a lotta people in that boat. And he’s originally from Pittsburgh…so that gets points from my perspective!

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m just not feelin’ it for ANYONE yet. I’d VOTE for any of them in a New York minute over anything the Dems could put up, but I’m just not at the point where I can say, “THAT’S my guy.”

    1. Cruz gets lawyerly, meaning dodgy, at times. I chalk it up to a political calculus but if I didn’t know him well, it would be off-putting.
      Trump is selling – closing the deal. He’s very good at that – Mensa level good at that. Don’t know that it translates well into governing, that’s my main concern.
      Good synopsis Bruh!

  5. I’m ok with Trump or Cruz, neither perfect but who is? Just want someone with big brass ones to get things done.
    Poor Jeb! Whiny little bitch….good riddance……

  6. BTW Uncle Earl, may I humbly suggest that the banner be expanded and more little dung beetles be added? God knows there are so many deserving of thier own ball of dung….pretty please?

      1. Pelosi, Schumer, Franken, Boxer, Bloomberg, Rahm Emanuel, Valarie Jarrett, Conyers, Huma, Alan Grayson

  7. Partly because he’s a CANADIAN, like me …

    Cruz for Veep, Trump for middle finger to the establishment.

  8. Have to respect your opinion EoT but its getting to be fairly clear that we are on a runaway train and maybe its time to turn to the certifiable lunatic as opposed to the amateurs. All that I am sure of is that women’s suffrage should be repealed.

  9. Its Ted, Trump or a tax revolt. Good luck to them tonight. Interesting that the RNC chamber of commerce toads have revealed that they are at least as despicable as the democrats. Banzai!

    1. There’s a ton of despicable going on these days. And it will get worse. The tables are turning and some won’t go willingly. Cruz is my guy, but I’ll vote for Trump over Hillary without hesitation. She cannot be allowed to control our government.

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