1. Barry just said he was gonna nominate somebody…like that was a shocker. The Republicans have all the power in the world to delay the nomination hearings until after the election. So why don’t I feel confident…at ALL?

      RIP, Justice Scalia. And thank you for your service to the country.

    1. Obama won’t get his nominee. At least not his first one or two. Those will be intended to provoke outrage so as to pave the way for his real pick. We’ll see.
      Really nasty political theater coming up.

      1. Count on Mitch McGandhi rolling over early. Justice Ta-Nehisi “Call-me-Ferguson” Coates maybe.

  1. My FAVORITE Justice! His knowledge of law was impeccable. I tremble to think what imbecile lamont will nominate, another Keggabeer or Soto-Oscarmeyer.

    1. Since logically Boingo has zero chance of anyone he names getting through, someone pointed out he will likely nominate someone who’s rejection will try and give the RATs something to scream about. Think all the memes he’ll try and roll up in one

      1. Oh yes. He’ll play up the politics. Something to motivate some “community” into voting for Hillary or Bernie out of outrage or something. Likely riots ensue, come Summer.

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